What The Fuck Is Wrong With You?

Now, before I embark on this rant of sorts, I’ll start by saying the things I’m about to bring up don’t necessarily adhere or apply to all women.  That should be common sense but I’m aware not everyone is a card carrying member of that club so fuck it, better safe than sorry.  Also I’m not a misogynist or “He-man Woman Hater”…none of that shit.  I just truly hate stupid people.  Seriously.  I get headaches interacting with them.  I’m also aware that men do some of the same shit I will be mentioning in these next few paragraphs.  However, I’m not attracted to men, nor do most males represent me in any way, so my fucks about them are at a bare minimal unless their actions affect me.  So yeah…let’s talk for a moment…

I had the pleasure of speaking to someone earlier about wants vs needs.  A female friend of mine, actually.  & before you bring up “we don’t all” whatever, refer to what I said in the first paragraph.  Anyway, we were talking about relationships, traditions & the like when a sentence of hers basically punched me square in the nose: “I don’t need any man that can’t make decisions on his own & doesn’t have xyz in his name”.  Yes…imagine the blank look on my face.  I’ll explain.

First of all, we were talking about dating.  Not marriage.  While I agree that both genders should be responsible, I also know what it’s like to struggle.  I’ve been at the top and the bottom.  It ain’t as easy as some people make it out to be to live a stable life via words.  As far as “making decisions on his own”, that’s apples & oranges.  Some people actually like hearing their significant other’s opinion, just as some rely on them for everything.  It’s not difficult to determine the difference between the two if you actually listen & pay attention besides when it benefits you.  So again, not every guy is the same mentally, as not every female is.  You can’t really base your current experience off of your past.  This is why I believe in dispelling a certain comfort level in relationships.  Once one person gets too comfortable, they start feeling like they run shit.  Usually it’s women.  It’s portrayed in numerous sitcoms for a reason.  So when said woman finds a guy that’s not having her shit, it becomes a problem after the initial few months.  Go ahead…look at your own past relationships & remember what arguments over what took place & prove me wrong.  I’ll wait.

My point being, people don’t have realistic expectations of mates in 2013.  Men want maids, cooks, a constant supply of head, etc.  Women want a financial staple, a constant supply of head & someone to do what they want when they want.  There’s no sensible equilibrium anymore.  It actually makes me feel old noticing the change in the past 10 years & I’m still in my twenties.  Everyone’s idea of what relationships should consist of or be based on seems to be some deluded form of what they want from themselves that they forget your mate is supposed to be the things that you aren’t.  How the fuck can two people that are exactly alike complete each other?  Two squares will never make a circle.  You have to compromise.

I’m not saying date a bum ass guy who doesn’t want to better himself.  What I am saying is realize that everyone isn’t the same.  Coal makes diamonds.  You’ll be surprised at what you may find if you step off your high horse & get your hands a little dirty.


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