“You Look Like You Only Date White Girls”

Ah…more stereotypes.  I was actually hit with this nonsensical bullshit less than 24 hours ago by a “typical” stereotypical Black female.  Before I continue, let me describe her as best as I can so you’ll see where I’m coming from.

She’s about 5’3, chubby build, unattractive in the face…at least to me, a weed smoker, loud, ignored her kids during our visit — they were literally jumping off of the furniture onto each other as she took hits off of a blunt; she had dreads that looked as if someone slowly unraveled a hemp rope…generally, she was a hood rat.

Now with that out of the way, maybe you can understand my anger because this happens often.  Also, I’m multiracial…which means whichever way you’d like to stack it, any relationship I have would be interracial, so there’s that.  My mentality and personality doesn’t equate to the typical males these types of chicks are used to being around, so I kinda get where the assumption comes from — I’m rather laid back and I enjoy stimulating conversation.  I’m much more likely to open up and take an interest in any female with certain qualities that match my own.

It’s obviously expected by a collective of lower level track minded Black women that if you’re a Black male of sorts (be it light, dark, piss yellow or durag shade), you’re SUPPOSED to be attracted to every Black female that crosses your path, or you obviously only date White chicks.  Never mind the fact that there’s Latinas, Asians & other cultures.  Nope, if it ain’t Black, it’s White.  To make shit worse, there’s no real way to prove them wrong unless you happen to have a sex tape of yourself dicking some Black chick down in your phone.

Moving forward, to dispel said comment, no…I don’t only date White chicks.  I have dated Black chicks in the past, although my last 3 relationships have been with either a White or Hispanic female.  I’m not even sure what someone who only dates one specific ethnicity looks/acts like…so for one to assume as such must mean they know something I’m unaware of.  That’s not a call of naivety either…I’d like to think I’m intelligent because my parents gave enough of a damn & didn’t want me to grow up being a fuck up.  So yes, I speak different languages, have an extensive vocabulary & see/do shit a lot differently than initially expected.  Has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that i’m versatile.  Although the “nigga” does come out often…it’s not a prevalence as far as I’m concerned.  So maybe that’s it.  Because I’m not a “nigga” 24/7, it’s assumed I have no interest in Black females.

I enjoy shit that a small number of Black chicks that I know or have met (take note of the emphasis) are familiar with.  Music, for instance, is an uncommon ground usually.  I like bands like Maroon 5, Taking Back Sunday, Fallout Boy, Sleigh Bells & so forth.  Why?  Because they make great fucking music.  At some point in my life, I got tired of the direction rap constantly goes — guns, selling drugs, fucking bitches; so I decided to give other shit a try.  Having a musical background (I’m a rapper/producer…I know right?  Typical “nigga” shit), I appreciate lyrics & concept.  Branching out fulfilled that need, so I progressed into searching for more.  I still listen to rap, but again, lyrics & concept have to be present.

The same goes for women…I branched out at some point, & just as I still listen to rap, I still find Black women attractive.  Hopefully you’re smart enough to see the metaphor.  All in all, the assumption is wack.  If she’s attractive to me & we vibe well, I don’t care what her ethnicity is.  I’m not gonna date a specific background to appease anyone.  Fuck outta here…


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